Light Commercial Tankless Water Heater

There are many people out there looking for ways to heat their bath, shower and dishwashing water without the need for bulky tank heaters – there is a solution the your problems, a light commercial tankless water heater. We are all sick and tired of having this large water tanks taking up most of the space in our attics or in our homes. There is just so much you can do with the space those tanks are taking up. If you had a light commercial tankless water heater installed who knows what you will do?

You will find that most old water heaters are installed in a cupboard somewhere in your home. Most of the time you will find it is in the kitchen under the sink or in the bathroom over the bath. Sometimes it is installed in the ceiling if you do not have an attic - or in the attic if you have on. To most people these places are out of the way, but think of the day you could use that cupboard, or when you can actually stand in your bath, or could use that space in your attic for storage.

Now, what if you are looking to start a business, do you really look for a water heater that is that much different to a home heater? The answer depends on the amount of water you are going to use. If you are looking for a small commercial water heater you will find that it will be a bit pricier than your average water heater that takes up a lot of space in your home or shop.

Now, if you need a lot of water in your industry, you will find that a light commercial tankless water heater is the option that you will want to go with. We all know that tankless water heaters offer you an endless supply of water day in and day out – hot water that is. However, if you went with a commercial tankless heater, you would get a few hundred gallons more than you would get with your residential type heaters.

For some heaters in the industry you will find that you can get a steady flow of water that ranges from about 4 gallons of water per minute for the residential type of heater, to about 5 gallons of water per minute for the commercial type on offer today.

These heaters offer you the best type of temperature control, as opposed to the old tanks that you can push up or down at set increments, not giving you too much choice. With tankless water heaters you have the choice to go up or down in temperature by as little as one degree at a time. This will give you the choice of heating it up to the point where it is hot enough to use to sterilize baby’s bottle and other things.

The best thing about going with a light commercial tankless water heater is that it offers you the option to save money on your electricity bill, as there is no need for the heater to run when it is not in use – like the old versions.